Greetings Partners!

It was a pleasure meeting you at IPS at the amazing Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica. Paulette and I enjoyed sharing some information about California Health & Longevity Institute's offerings and programs over the few days we were together. 

An overwhelming response was received by all of you on Paulette's nutrition presentation last week. We created this page to provide you with a few resources to help guide you on your own personal journey of better health and wellness. 

Paulette Lambert and Becky Leehey

Paulette Lambert and Becky Leehey

In addition, if you would like to explore our leadership, health, and productivity programming further, please let us know. We are happy to help. Our programs can be as simple as fitness and meditation breaks to complete multi-day agendas centered around the goals of your clients' organization. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Pura Vida!

Best in Health,

Becky Leehey
Executive Director

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10 Goals for Healthy Eating

1. Eat more fruit and vegetables
2. Decrease red and processed meat intake
3. Add soy or vegetable protein
4. Use healthy fats
5. Reduce refined sugar and sodium
6. Increase fiber
7. Decrease excessive alcohol
8. Add healthy nuts to your diet
9. Eliminate sugar drinks
10. Eat fish

Click here see how to reach these goals.