Corporate Leadership Performance Attendees

  • “The company’s investment in me will allow me to do my job at a higher level for a long period of time.”
  • “This program helped me to quit smoking! I have not had a cigarette in 4 months and never will again.”
  • “The most effective part of the program….was the program in its entirety!! It was a perfect blend of education, nutrition, mental and physical fitness, and easy to apply best practices to our personal lives and businesses!!”
  • “Every other training, educational, recognition program I have attended has been critical and important to my business. This program was critical to my life. I prefer this method 100%.”
  • “I feel better about the company because they are willing to invest in me to grow as a person. The result will translate in a healthier and happier employee that will do more business. Thank you.”
  • “All parts of the program were equally effective. First time in 17 years with the firm where all parts were effective and important.”
  • “This was by far the best program that I have ever attended.”
  • “. . . the session’s prompt to embrace a more healthier and balanced lifestyle. Yes, I need to lose weight, but it goes beyond that. I have made changes already toward enriching my life (such as quitting cigar smoking, better sleep habits) and getting healthier overall and have seen the positive boost in productivity, enhanced personal and professional relationships, etc."
  • “I have to say that my visit to CHLI has changed my life. I was ready to change but I didn't have the tools. I am on a journey to a better and fitter me and I really appreciate your guidance.”
We have had the pleasure of working with the Wellness Center team at Four Seasons Westlake Village for more than four years. It has been an extraordinary experience.  We have collaborated with the faculty on a number of initiatives for our employees such as health programs and leadership development. We have always had a positive experience. Our employees have expressed that these programs have been life-changing for them and have resulted in an increase in retention of our top talent. The vast knowledge of the faculty is both practical and cutting-edge. Their highly engaging spirit creates enthusiasm and sets the participants in a mindset that change can be achieved. The entire management team far exceeds the client service you would expect, particularly when providing them with any challenges to be met with content, faculty and logistics. We continue to come back because we know results are always achieved.
— Anna Callori, VP Global Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch Bank of America